Domestic project

Complex Approaches to the Identification, Protection and Maintenance of Historical Water Retention and Distribution Systems in Mountain Areas of the Czech Republic with regard to Heritage Conservation

Provider: Ministry of Culture
| Project duration: 2023–2027
| Project ID: DH23P03OVV007

The main goal of this interdisciplinary project is the design of methodology for the effective protection and maintenance of historic water management objects and their systems used for floating wood or for mining activity. Emphasis will be placed on the identification and documentation of complete sets, i.e. lines of navigation channels with a possible changing or associated function over time and related mountain and foothill reservoirs (“klauz” and “tajch”), their collection and distribution elements. The project will focus on selected mountain and foothill areas of the Czech Republic, including a possible cross-border dimension. The typological specifics will be compared with relevant foreign examples (Austria, Slovakia).

Part of the complex characteristics of individual systems will be documentation of their condition and technology used, determination of typological standardization, resp. uniqueness, description of potential monument values (with a focus on the technological side, technical solution, description of system connections, authenticity and landscape value), resp. recommendations for monument protection.

General methodological procedures for the protection and maintenance of these functional units will be supplemented by case studies of possible collisions between monument protection, nature protection, ensuring functionality and safety, and proposals for their solution.
The results will be reflected in the methodological procedure for the professional work of the NPÚ and other administrators of these construction. The interactive map and the thematic database of functional units will be implemented in the IS NPÚ. The utility model of the model modification of the water element bed will be available to design companies when solving their maintenance or renewal. The results will be also presented as a wandering exhibition and equipped with a critical catalogue to strengthen the historical awareness of the public and to support of local tourism.



T. G. Masaryk Water Research Institute


Institute of History of the Czech Academy of Sciences