Mediaevalia Historica Bohemica

ISSN 0862-979X (Print); 2788-2543 (On-line)

Mediaevalia Historica Bohemica is devoted to medieval Czech history in the context of Central European and European development. The journal was founded on 1 October 1990 when it split from the series Folia Historica Bohemica, which at the time was narrowing its focus to early modern topics only. Mediaevalia Historica Bohemica has been a peer-reviewed periodical since 2001. Since 2007, it has been ranked as an internationally recognized scientific periodical (category INT2) in the database European Reference Index for the Humanities (ERIH PLUS), and since 2008, English abstracts of papers appearing in the journal have been published in the international database CEJSH. As of 2017, the journal has been covered in the prestigious international database of scientific peer-reviewed literature known as SCOPUS. Currently, Mediaevalia Historica Bohemica is published on a semi-annual basis.

Since 2012, the reviews and annotations published in Mediaevalia Historica Bohemica have been made available online through the Recensio web portal.

The journal comprises two main thematic sections entitled ‘Studie’ (original peer-reviewed research papers) and ‘Literatura’ (annotations and reviews); these are occasionally supplemented with a section entitled ‘Diskuse, názory a inspirace’ [Discussions, Opinions, and Inspiration] featuring discussion contributions, synoptic papers, introductions to topics of foreign research, etc. The ‘Studie’ section features peer-reviewed papers only. Titles of papers in the section ‘Diskuse, názory a inspirace’ that required peer review prior to publication are marked with a capital R.

Every study undergoes an entirely anonymous review process in which independent reviewers prepare two reports. In the event of a significant divergence in the opinions of the reviewers, the paper is submitted for a third and deciding review.

The publication ethics of Mediaevalia Historica Bohemica are based on the ethical code of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE).

Guidelines for Authors

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Institute of History of the Czech Academy of Sciences
Prosecká 809/76
190 00 Praha 9

Editorial Board

Lenka Bobková (Faculty of Arts, Charles University); Jaroslav Boubín (Institute of History, Czech Academy of Sciences); Eva Doležalová (Institute of History, Czech Academy of Sciences); Dana Dvořáčková-Malá (Institute of History, Czech Academy of Sciences); Luděk Galuška (Institute of Archaeology, Moravian Museum); Alexandra Kaar (Institut für Mittelalterforschung, Österreichische Akademie der Wissenschaften, Wien); Pavel Krafl (Faculty of Education, Masaryk University); Ján Lukačka (Institute of History, Slovak Academy of Sciences, Bratislava); Christian Lübke (Fakultät für Geschichte, Kunst- und Orientwissenschaften der Universität, Leipzig); Karel Maráz (Faculty of Arts, Masaryk University); Hana Pátková (Faculty of Arts, Charles University); František Šmahel (Centre for Medieval Studies); Josef Žemlička (Institute of History, Czech Academy of Sciences)


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