Interlibrary loan service (ILS)

ILS can be ordered using a valid loan request form or an online request form.

If the borrowing library sends an incomplete request form, the lending library of the Institute of History of the Czech Academy of Sciences may refuse the loan.

When an online ILS request form is sent, the borrowing library will receive a confirmation email. If the confirmation email is not received within 10 days of sending the request, please contact Tomáš Batěk or Jan Rexa by telephone or email.

The interlibrary loan service is free of charge, and the duration of loans is one month with up to two renewals. Loans can be renewed by telephone or in writing (mail, email).

For ILS, we charge postage per standard Česká pošta rates, i.e. registered parcel + weight of the book. We charge 2 CZK per page + postage for copies of articles. Billing is typically on a biannual basis.

If a library would like to offer this service online, a collective user agreement between the lending and borrowing libraries must be filled out.

By signing the agreement, the borrowing library consents to the circulation policy of the lending library. The borrowing library must complete all the required fields on the ILS request form.

Please send questions regarding ILS to, or call +420 225 443 255.