For the public and scholars

The researchers at the Institute of History make significant contributions to the popularization of the historical sciences and of the findings of contemporary historical research. They regularly attend all the popularization events of the Czech Academy of Sciences, such as Doors Open Days, Science Fair, and Science and Technology Week.

They regularly present the results of their work in public broadcasting programmes and also help organize a number of discussion and educational programmes on current social topics.

In April of 2020, the Institute of History of the Czech Academy of Sciences launched its own YouTube channel with the aim of familiarizing the general public (teachers, students, and history enthusiasts) with its current scientific research and presenting some of its ongoing projects. The videos are divided into three series (playlists) as follows: ‘The How and the Why in History’, which focuses on specific events and people; ‘The Institute of History Presents’, which examines research opportunities and different projects; and ‘Lectures and Conferences’, which covers interesting scientific discussion forums.

The Institute of History also manages several collections (such as a map collection and part of the estate of the historian August Sedláček). These collections are being gradually digitized and processed for broader use by members of the scientific community. Other historical sources for specialized historical work are disseminated as databases, such as the exceptional Bibliography of the History of the Czech Lands.